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Google Play Store Publishing

Web Application Portfolio (tailer-made) Posted by Keith®


School Projects or Personal Projects with PHP/HTML/Javascript/MySql/C#/MsSql:
Hong Kong Productivity Council with National Computing Centre (NCC) - Diploma
Hong Kong College of Technology - Diploma
Teesside University - BSc(hons) in Computing


C# Unity3D Mobile App UI Menu Frontend (iPhone/iPad/Android/Window/Mac) Posted by Keith®


C# Unity3D Cross-platform Game/Apps development experience(iPhone/iPad/Android/Window/Mac) Posted by Keith®


C++ Mobile / console Software (Iphone/Android/BlackBerry/Window Media) and Windows Console Software Portfolio Posted by Keith®


Previous Companies frontend & backend worked Posted by Keith®


Koocell Ltd

Koocell Mobile App Front & Backend platform

Koocell Mobile Game Front & Backend platform

Animals Asia Fundation

Groupe Casino Ltd

Reserach Interest in Performance Posted by Keith®


C++ MVC freamwork feasibility study

SQL refactoring

C#/JAVA Desktop Windows Posted by Keith®


POS experience (configuring / deployment / maintaining / managing) Posted by Keith®